It Rules for Facebook

Facebook, Instagram, and Google follow the IT Rules of Government

This is true that Facebook, Instagram, and Google Follow the IT Rules of Government. Facebook removed more than 2.8 millions of post because they are come under the spam. This is really a great news for the users who are using the Social Media.

Most spam posts contain adult nudity and sexual activity over social media. Also, Facebook and Instagram removed the suicide and self-injury-related content. Now the normal user can see the clean and useful content over the social media website.

What are IT Rules for Facebook, Instagram, and Google?

If you want to know about the IT Rules, Download this PDF

IT Rules implement on Whatsapp?

No, IT Rules will not be implemented on WhatsApp. The major reason is WhatsApp not storing the public content for more then 24 hour. So there is no issue with the IT Rules on Whatsapp.

If you want to know more about IT Rules the visit : IT Rules

Why Facebook, Instagram and Google have to follow the IT Rules?

The major reason for this IT rule is to remove all the spam, Nudity and Fake posts from Social Media. After Covid, Government release that there is no regulation of posts over the Social Media.

If you are running any Social Media app then you have to follow all the IT rules such as you can’t store the user personal data if the user deleted their account on your social media platform.

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