How trustworthy is Upwork in 2023? Find Freelancer for your Project

Upwork is a platform that has been connecting freelancers with clients for years. However, recent events have caused many to question the platform’s reliability. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Upwork is no longer trustworthy, as well as the various scams that freelancers and clients fall victim to on the platform.

Agencies Creating Fake Profiles:

One of the biggest reasons why Upwork is no longer trustworthy is because agencies are creating fake profiles. These profiles are made to appear as individual freelancers, but in reality, they are run by a team of people who are trying to gain more work. Unfortunately, the Upwork team is not able to recognize these fake profiles, which makes it difficult for clients to trust that they are working with a reputable freelancer.

Virtual System:

Another issue with Upwork is that some freelancers use virtual systems to run their international profiles. This means that they are using a fake IP address to make it appear as though they are in a different country. This is problematic because it can be difficult for clients to verify the freelancer’s identity, and it can also make it difficult to communicate with the freelancer.

Forced 5-Star Ratings:

Some freelancers on Upwork force clients to give them a 5-star rating, otherwise, they will not provide them with the correct code. This is a scam that is used to manipulate the Upwork rating system. When a freelancer has a high rating, they are more likely to be hired for future projects. However, if a freelancer is using this scam, they are not providing quality work and are simply cheating the system.

Projects Outside Upwork:

Another reason why Upwork is no longer trustworthy is that some clients offer projects outside of the platform. Upwork charges fees for every project completed on their platform, which means that they are primarily focused on making a profit. Unfortunately, this focus on fees has led some freelancers to cheat clients by offering to complete the project outside of Upwork. When a freelancer works outside of Upwork, the client has no protection or recourse if something goes wrong.

Selling Profiles:

Freelancers on Upwork are selling their profiles with high ratings to make money quickly. This is another scam that is used to take advantage of the Upwork rating system. When a freelancer sells their profile, they are essentially selling their reputation. Clients who hire a freelancer with a high rating expect to receive quality work, but if the freelancer is simply selling their profile, the client will not receive the quality work they were expecting.

Agencies Representing Themselves as Freelancers:

Finally, some agencies are representing themselves as individual freelancers even though they do not have any technical knowledge. This is another way that agencies are taking advantage of the Upwork platform. Clients who hire an agency that is representing themselves as individual freelancer are not getting what they paid for. The agency may not have the necessary skills to complete the project, which means that the client will be left with subpar work.


Upwork is no longer the trustworthy platform it once was. Agencies are creating fake profiles, freelancers are using virtual systems, some freelancers are forcing clients to give them a 5-star rating, and clients are offering projects outside of Upwork. Freelancers are even selling their profiles with high ratings, and agencies are representing themselves as individual freelancers. All of these scams are making it difficult for clients to trust the platform and are leading to a decline in the quality of work that is being produced. It is up to Upwork to address these issues and restore trust to the platform.

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