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How to earn money from Instagram reels in India

Do you want to learn how to earn money from Instagram reels? 

Here we go, as we are gonna discuss the reels play bonus program, as well as some amazing ways to monetize your content. 

1 – Login to your Instagram Account

I believe you have an Instagram Account. Login to your account and follow us at @gaganji

2 – Go to Account Settings on Instagram

Click on the Three lines icon on the right side of the Instagram account and then go to the setting.

3 – In Account settings click on Creator

Once you click on Setting then you need to click on the Creator button.

4 – Now click on Bonus Button (Not available for every user)

If you have good reels and trending content in your Instagram account then only this button will be available to your account.

Earn From Instagram Reels Bonus | Reels Monetization in India - TechYatri

You can check your Instagram Reels bonus status at @Yourfbmart.

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