Wazirx Deposit Issue
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Wazirx deposit mobikwik issue

If you are a Wazirx user, and you are facing the Wazirx deposit MobiKwik issue then we are here to help you. As you know, Wazirx using the payment gateway of Mobikwik because ICICI bank and the Paytm bank stop their services with Wazirx.

So Wazirx, start adding the 18% GST + their fee for the every deposit.

If you want to deposit Rs. 3000 then you have to pay around Rs. 3050, and its a very huge fees for the users.

Before, few weeks user were paying only Wazirx fee but Indian government charge 18% of GST on crypto buying. We believe that, Indian government also want to earn revenue from the users and they are trying to control the crypto currency activity.

You can connect with our trading experts if you are facing delay while deposit the INR into Wazirx then wait for atleast 1-3 hours, if the amount not reflected to your WAZIRX wallet then you can contact the support.

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