Instagram ban in India

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Banned in India | Policy Updated

As we are familiar with the latest news that contain the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp banned in India. Due to that, Mark Zuckerberg updated the policy and most of the Indian users suffer. The reason is that, if you are handling any international page related to movies or anything and you post something related to the Covid. Then your page will be unpublished and you need to connect with the facebook support.

If you posted any content on your pages related to Covid, then delete all those post’s otherwise you have to face a big problem.

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Good News for everyone, there is no banned on any social media sites as they updated their policy for the Indian users. Now you can enjoy the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.

As we see, most of the user’s start making the memes and some posted their mobile number over the stories.

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