Cryptocurrency In India is Legal or Illegal
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Cryptocurrency in india legal or illegal from May 2021

Do you want to know about the CryptoCurrency in India Legal or Illegal, then you are at the correct place. Before few months most of the Indian’s started cryptocurrency trading. But they are now aware that crypto trading is legal or illegal, and before few months Banks start sending the notices for the crypto transaction.

The government of India and the RBI approved the Cryptocurrency trading as per the High Court Orders. The High Court of India, already approved the cryptocurrency trading but RBI not approved these things. When the cases arises, user’s become very confused because Hight court and RBI statement were mismatched.

In May 2021, RBI approved Cryptocurrency trading in India but users need to pay 18% of GST on every deposit crypto exchanges. Also, there are some chances that government will charges Taxes on every trading which is not possible right but let see what will happen in the future. If you still have doubt about the cryptocurrency is Legal or Illegal in India then read this:

Is Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Legal In India? (Updated For 2021)

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Cryptocurrency Vs Stock Market Trading

Cryptocurrency TradingStock Market Trading
You can trade 24*7 (Always Available)Stock Market Open from Monday to Friday( 9:15 to 3:20)
High Risk/High ProfitMedium Risk/Low Profit
No Upper Circuit/Lower CircuitEvery Share have some limit on a daily basis
More than 5000+ CoinsMore than 1000+ Shares

Why investment is important?

We don’t know what will happen in our life, so we have to store some kind’s of funds. These funds help you in your bad time. You can earn, when you are young. Once you become useless and not able to earn then your investment will help you.

There are lots of investment schemes in the market, based on the risk and Profit Percentage. If you want to know more about the Investment scheme, then you can read our blog: Top 10 Best Investment in 2021

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